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Sketch Your Kitchen

Sketching your kichen drawing is the only act that you have to do. Its a simple exercise but requires precision and wee bit of skill. To help your cause, we have few sketches drawn which can be used as referances.

Lets get started immediately, here what you need to do:-

1) Get a plain paper and a pencil/pen. Make the floor layout as in the drawing and start measuring the walls in Millimeter. 

2) Make sure you mark all the Pillars, windows, water inlets and outlets if any etc so that there are no issues later on. Also measure the size of windows and the depth of pillars. 

3) If your kitchen already has a Granite slab, make sure you draw that as well and let us know the height and depth of slab from all the possible angles.

4) Make sure you mention if the kitchen flooring is complete or incomplete, wals have been tiled or still to tiled and any other information that you may feel helful for us in designing the kitchen.

5) Please suggest where the chimney can be placed and the outlet for the pipe by marking an O for Outlet and C for chimney.

6) Dont forget to upload few pictures of your exisiting kitchen in whatever state it may be. This will help us in unerstanding the layout better. 

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