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As the name suggest, the entire kitchen is modular in nature and each is a seperate module, which can be rearranged or reworked on at any given point of time. The advantages are galore, some of which is difficult to explain, however for the benefit of our customers, some of the advantages that i can immediately think of are :-
1) Great Finish and Designing - A home grown carpanter can never replicate the finish and design of a ergonomically built modular kitchen, howsoever good he may be.
2) Customization - This is never the case in a normal kitchen. We Customize the kitchen according to your needs and ensure a great product and design.
3) Innovative and Different - Since we specialise in kitchens, we ensure that we make innovations in every kitchen and use the best practices followed world over.
4) Branded and Guaranteed - All the accessories and appliances we use is branded. We use KAFF, Hafele and Hettich accessories and appliances. Also all our kitchen comes with a five year guarrantee which means complete peace of mind. 
5) Complete Value for Money - With our bulk buying and linkages across bands we ensure that we give best prices to our customers. This means great product at a great value.
6) Easy installation - All it takes is three to four days to do the installation. This means no hassel. All you have to do is order and before you realize, your kitchen is ready to use.

L Type Kitchen

This is the most common design and gives enough space to move around. Looks great and very ergonomical.