We import pre-pasted Acrylic panels from Italy. It’s structure consists of 1.4mm of Acrylic foil on both sides of fully-calibrated and superior quality Russian birch plywood. So it has the same finish on both sides and also balanced evenly to minimize warping issues.

The gloss level of these panels is more than 95 and the reflection is crystal-clear & mirror-like. Available in 30 options with matching and 3d edgebandings.


Laminates are flat decorative sheets made from different layers of papers which are then pasted on a substrate/support panel. They can be in plain solid shades, wood patterns, abstract designs, and more.

We currently have 78 designs of HPL (High-Pressure Laminates) that we keep in stock with matching edgebandings. Apart from our collection, we can also customize as per project requirements.


Glaks is an excellent alternative to Glass. It is Organic glass which looks identical to actual glass, but with a series of advantages. It is unbreakable and resistant to scratches, chemicals and impact. It is lighter in weight and is very versatile in application.

We have 18 available options in glossy as well as satin matt range. Unlike back-painted acrylic which is locally made, Glaks is a co-extrusion of the clear part and the color part. Hence it diminishes any chances of shade variations and uneven color spots.


Veneered surfaces have always been the choice for premium projects and furniture masterpieces. We currently have a range of pre-pasted veneered panels imported from Italy and can also customize using procured veneer sheets.

We can finish the surface in gloss, matt, open-pores, semi-matt, dead-matt, velvet, and other options too. Veneer mirrors the diversity of nature and therefore we find minor differences in pigmentation and color between each leaf and edging materials. But these are the factors that give uniqueness to each furniture in nature’s own term.


The ceramic range is a collection of sintered, ultra-compact material. It is made using a process that resembles an accelerated version of the metamorphic change that natural stones undergo when subjected to high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years.

The material has almost zero porosity which prohibits the growth of microbes and makes it safe for contact with food. Also, it is highly resistant to chemical reagents and household cleaning agents.

This material is made with advanced technology which combines reduced thickness with high strength, resistance to chemical products, wear, scratches, deep abrasions, and bending. It is extremely easy to clean, resistant to cold, fire, mould, and sunlight. The material is made from 60% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

Back painted Glass

4mm back-painted glass is pasted on Aluminum profiles or plywood to give an excellent reflection and a luxurious look to the furniture. It can also be used in kitchen backsplashes or table-tops. This range is available in a wide gamut of shades and available in both gloss & satin matt finish.

The glass is toughened as per requirement and contains very low levels of iron oxide. The lacquering is done in 3 coats to prevent frame shadows being visible in case of reflection or cabinet internal lights and also increasing the scratch resistance of the painted surface.


Pietra is a range of stone-like HPLC imported from Italy. It resembles the depth & tactility of real stone. The losa finish is a tribute to the tactile quality of slate stone with a three-dimensional effect of great impact. The finish, with a 60-degree inclined cut, is combined with a selection of decors designed especially to enhance its depth & beauty.

The other available option is the Urban concrete finish. It is a finish that comes from creative synthesis: the union of worked split stone texture and the smooth channeling of concrete.


SuperMatt is an innovative next-generation material created for interior design applications. The external surface involves the use of nanotechnology and it’s decor is obtained through next-generation acrylic resins treated with electron beam curing.

The Surface is soft & warm to touch, resistant to scratches & fingerprints, easy to clean, and exhibits characteristics of thermal healing of surface scratches.

The support panel is Russian Birch Plywood which makes this option a complete solution for various furniture applications.

Polyurethane (PU)

PU lacquer imparts an ultra-modern look and long-lasting life to the furniture. It is basically a strong, protective and decorative coat on the panels. PU can be done in a wide range of shades and variety of surface finish and designs.

We offer glossy, matt, velvet, semi-matt & dead-matt options in any selected shade which offers a great customization option. We can also integrate inbuilt handle options like J-pull, concealed cutout,inclined cuts etc in polyurethane furniture.


RGloss can be explained as UV cured melamine paper on HMR grade of MDF. The front is glossy, thanks to the curtain coating lacquer with UV curing; and the balancing is the same design in the regular finish without any UV.

This range has the most exciting designs in terms of shades and patterns. With a gloss level of 95 plus and trendsetting decors, RGloss is a very good option for furniture and interior paneling.


AntiScratch range is basically AntiScratch Acrylic foil pasted on the front surface of fully-calibrated and superior quality Russian birch plywood balanced by white/same colored HPL sheet. This range has a better resistance to scratches and UV compared to the regular Acrylic due to a special surface treatment.

The gloss level and reflectivity is just as good as compared to the regular Acrylic range. Currently, we have 10 options in this range with more shades on the way.


PU lacquer on textured panels gives flair and creates a distinctive impression in interior design projects that reflects the individuality of those who inhabit the space. With options in textures and colors, the Structura range offers infinite solutions and unrivaled results.

The textured panels are imported from Italy and the support panel is Russian birch plywood. Thus, the furniture not only looks good from the outside but is also strong and long-lasting.