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As the name suggests, the entire kitchen is modular in nature and each unit is a separate module, which can be rearranged or reworked on at any given point of time. The advantages are galore, some of which is difficult to explain, however for the benefit of our customers, some of the advantages that I can immediately think of are:-

  1. Great Finish and Designing – A homegrown carpenter can never replicate the finish and design of an ergonomically built modular kitchen, howsoever good he may be.
  2. Customization – This is never the case in a normal kitchen. We customize the kitchen according to your needs and ensure a great product and design. Also, we ensure the best utilization of space.
  3. Innovative and Unique – Since we specialize in kitchens, we ensure that we make innovations in every kitchen and use the best practices followed the world over.
  4. Branded and Guaranteed – All the accessories and appliances we use is branded. We use Laranza, Hafele, and Hettich accessories and appliances. Also, all our kitchen comes with a five-year guarantee which means complete peace of mind.
  5. Complete Value for Money – With our bulk buying and partnership with brands we are able to pass on the savings to our customers. This means a great product at a great value.
  6. Easy installation – All it takes is three to four days to do the installation. This means no hassle. All you have to do is order and before you realise, your kitchen is ready to use.


Modular cabinet Siliguri
Modular Kitchen Cabinet Siliguri

In keeping with the latest trends, we have introduced the latest innovation and design for our discerning clients.

For the outside shutter finish, we have introduced various types like

Outside Handle Finish

WoodStock Kitchen is one of the few kitchens manufacturers that has the most diverse range of designs and finishes.
We keep a constant watch on the latest trends and keep innovating our product profile. These
are some of the latest range of kitchen finishes.

Profile Handle (Comes in Various Colors)

Profiles handles has been around for last few years but the change here is that the profiles comes in various colors.
Mat Black and Rose Gold are the latest. We can also do any color by power coating and thereby match the finish of the shutter. Profile looks great and there is no handle jetting out, so gives kitchen a very modern and seamless feeling.

Traditional Kitchen – With Handles

These are the most common finish and looks great. Handles go very well with wooden shutters. The latest trend is to use longer and sleeker handles. We have the highest variety of handles and have to tie up with vendors who can provide the latest handles at the most economical cost.

Seamless- Gola Profile

Gola Profile are the latest innovation as for the outer look of the kitchen is concerned. It gives a complete seamless and very contemporary looks.
The profiles generally are available in Silver, Champaign and Blackcolour.

Seamless - Incline Shutters

Our Incline Shutter has the typical beveled front edge for an ergonomic and particularly convenient handle. With a streamlined and uncluttered look handleless kitchen units offer a much smoother transition throughout the room. We at woodstock have a versatile and full handle-less range that offers individual planning and design possibilities whatever the requirements and budget.